Payday Loans for Bad Credit


We all need a little help financially from time to time and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, if you don't have a whiter than white credit history - getting the help you need can be difficult. The majority of Payday loan companies also have intense criteria that you have to get through but not us. At, you can get approved for a loan in an instant and have the money in your account the very same day. 

What we offer 

We offer people in the UK no credit check payday loans between the value of £100 - £2000. Whatever you need the cash for is your own business and we will not ask any prying questions during the loan process. As a legitimate company, all we care about is that you can afford to pay back the loan on the agreed date. Our customers needs to come first which is why these payday loans without credit checks are available. 

Payday loans often get a bad rep due to their interest rates but they are not like they seem. You need to keep in mind that when a payday company show an APR rate, this is over a YEARLY period. Most payday loans will be paid back within the month - 3 months. Speaking for ourselves, we always show what the repayment is and make sure you are happy with it on If you have a lot of Payday loans, the interest rate can be bad but if you just take out 1 or 2 when you really need it, that's fine. Now that you know more about it, let's take a look at the benefits of no credit check payday loans. 

The advantages of no credit check payday loans 

- You can get a loan without the need for tedious paperwork. Who has time to answer a million questions anyway? We know you want your money fast so after taking some basic details for you, the cash can be yours. Applicants do need to meet some criteria of course but we are known to be more lenient than other payday loan companies. 

- They are perfect for things like unexpected bills or extra expenses that you might have to pay that particular month. You should keep in mind that payday loans without credit checks are NOT permanent solutions to financial difficulties, they are just there to help you out when you need it. 

- Banks and other companies can take a long time to pay your money but sometimes, you don't have that time. Once approved, we give out funds as soon as possible which is usually within just a couple of hours. 


For quick money without having to go through a credit check, we are the right guys for the job. We all have a past and if you have been reckless, this shouldn't affect your chances of getting no credit check payday loans with us. Apply today and we will help to release some of the financial pressure you are feeling right now.


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